How To Listen to More Podcasts in Less Time

It's been at least a year since I replaced books with podcasts for my weekday commutes. On a crowded train, it's much easier to consume something you can put in your pocket vs. something you have to hold in front of your face. (And much more enjoyable now that I have noise-canceling headphones.)

The real game-changer, though? The 1.5X speed button.

It's near the bottom on the left. (You can also set the speed to 2X, but at that point I can't understand what anyone's saying. At 1 1/2 I have no problem following their slightly pitched voices.)

At the 50-percent-faster speed,  I'm saving 20 minutes out of every hour. Put another way, I can listen to a 60-minute podcast in 40 minutes. Twenty to 30-minute podcasts fly by.

Give a it a shot, and while you're at it, let me know your favorite podcasts.

A few of my newly acquired favorites:

  • Elevation Church (You don't have to be Christian to be inspired by these)
  • How I Built This (Great NPR show on the story behind people's business success)
  • Accused (From the Cincinnati Enquirer, it's like Serial, except the main character wasn't convicted)

UPDATE Oct. 13, 2016: Turns out I can understand most podcasts at 2X just fine, which means saving 30 minutes out of every hour! The only exceptions seem to be poor sound quality and people with accents.