A Healthy Breakfast for $1 a Day

Hard-boiled eggs are the best breakfast for anyone who wants to eat healthy but quickly.

How To Make Them

Boil eggs in a pot for 10 minutes, starting the timer only once the water is actually boiling. Use a lid to heat the water faster, then remove it once it begins to boil.

When they're done, pour the water out and fill the pot with cold water and let them sit for a few minutes.

Crack, peel and enjoy. (Or crack, peel and put them in the fridge for the next morning. I never boil them for more than 36 hours ahead of when I'll eat them.)

If you want to add a little spice (pun intended), roll them in turmeric before eating.

And yes, you should eat the yolk. (If you bite into the egg and the yolk looks gelatin-like/shiny on the inside, you need to boil them longer next time.)

I'm a brown-egg guy myself.

I'm a brown-egg guy myself.


  • Minimal mess: All you need is water; and all you have to do when you're finished is throw away the shells
  • High protein: About 5 grams or more per egg
  • All-natural: Go for the cage-free, organic. It's worth the extra expense. Either way, you're eating a natural, whole food and nothing else
  • Affordable: Buy a dozen eggs for $6, have three per day, and suddenly you're paying $1.50 for an awesome meal to start your day. Have two per day, and you're only spending $1 per meal
  • Saves time: Once they're in the pot, you don't have to do anything with them until you're done boiling. Even better, you can do them before bed, peel them, put them in an air-tight container in the fridge, and they'll be ready in the morning
  • Hard to screw up: Most things you cook for too long are ruined. Not hard-boiled eggs, these babies are durable if you go a little over the 10-minute suggestion